Skin treatment for acne, wrinkles and sun damage in California


anti aging skin care

Description of All Facials Include:

Each facial begins with a thorough evaluation of your skin. The treatment includes: Ultrasound, LED/ Infrared light therapy, cleansing, exfoliating, extraction (if needed), nourishing treatment masque, steam with enzymes, lymphatic facial massage followed by UV protection. In addition, a complimentary, neck, shoulder, hand, feet, and scalp massage for your ultimate relaxation.

anti aging skin care

What is Ultrasound? Ultrasound is a step above Microdermabrasion.

Ultrasound Waves: Breakthrough Technology

Ultrasound is a natural non-toxic, non-abrasive system that exfoliates from the dermis inside out providing an effective solution for the most common skin problems.

This invigorating facial allows moisturizers and other corrective products to penetrate deep into the skin for maximum repair and visible results. This treatment immediately improves your skin’s texture, tone, and appearance. Ultrasound will benefit anyone from acne-prone teens to mature adults seeking a more youthful appearance. It is beneficial for targeting fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration problems, and loss of elasticity and tone.
  • Fine lines
  • Acne
  • Hyper-Pigmentation
  • Premature aging
  • Rosaeca
  • Sun damage

Treatments Offered

Signature Spotlight Treatment 90 mins/ $150.00

Most Popular Facial
This spotlight skin perfection facial is customized for those who want to correct a specific skin problem or indulge in a complete signature treatment. All skin perfection includes: Ultrasound facial with oxygen serum, cleansing, exfoliation, steam, toning, moisturizing with peptide, Hyaluronic serum, vitamins B &C, circulation and firming, clearing blemishes, extraction, deep hydration masque, and lymphatic facial massage. In addition, back facial scrub with lavender and sweet almond sea salt, mini back massage, and paraffin hand treatment. Based on your skin analysis.

Skin Rejuvenation (Anti-Aging) A European Treatment 75 mins/ $110.00

European Revival
This is suitable for aging, sun-damaged, and dehydrated skin. This complete deep treatment revitalizes and activates your skin’s metabolism and boosts skins natural healing power for spectacular results. Fine lines and wrinkles will be less and pores will become refined. The skin will be toned, soft to touch, and filled with a radiant glow after the very first treatment.

Antioxidant 100% Vitamin B, C, E and Peptide Serum for a Radiant Facial 90 mins/ $120.00

Radiance at its best
Especially designed for pre-mature and anti-aging skin. This treatment restores the damaging effects of the sun and environmental hazards. This treatment will reverse damages by repairing the skin to a brighter and more even skin tone.
To achieve maximum correction for the results you prefer to see, a series of four treatments is recommended.

Youth Facial Treatment 45 mins/ $75.00

Forever Youthful
Excellent facial for acne and sensitive skin. This treatment includes: a deep cleansing exfoliation, steaming, ultrasound, light treatment, masque, toning, and moisturizing. This leaves your skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and glowing.


Modern Man Facial 60 mins/ $100.00

Designed for the Man on the go
This facial treatment is targeted for jetlag, air conditioning, long working hours, stress and irritation from shaving. Ultrasound with oxygen infusion serum diminishes the effects of restless hours. This treatment includes deep cleansing which eliminates dead impurities from the pores, restores skin’s balance, softens texture, evens tone, and radiates complexion.


Aromatherapy Sea Salt Body Scrub 60 mins/ $90.00

Polished to Perfection
Natural exfoliating sea salt minerals remove away dull skin cells and bring back your skin’s radiant glow. Essential oils renew your skin and relax your senses. Revitalize your body and feel silky, smooth, and glowing skin. Illuminate your body.

Back Facial Treatment 45 mins/ $60.00

For All Skin Types
Customized for your skin type. Basic back facial includes: cleansing, sea salt scrub with lavender and sweet almond oil, extraction and relaxing massage. Leaves skin smooth, soft, and vibrant.

Special Packages

We offer special packages for those who are interested in purchasing a series of treatments.

Private Spa Parties are available for all occasions


Waxing Services

Full Legs $50
Half Leg & Bikini $50
Brazilian $50
Back $50
Full Arm $30
Half Leg $30
Bikini $30
Under Arn $20
Full Face $50
Checks $50
Brow $50
Lip $50
Chin $30